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Based in London, RetroJerseyfc sells a selection of newly produced classic football shirts. These are affordable well-made jerseys, almost identical to the originals, which you can wear without the worry of losing value if the shirt gets damaged. All jerseys are made from 100% polyester. Modern materials meet classic designs.The business emerged from a love of football, nostalgia, and style. The early 80s and 1990s saw clubs of all colors experiment with outrageous designs and patterns at a time when the last remaining fashion rules had been all but dispatched with. The best kits kept embraced the boldness of the decade and left the cringey aspects behind. We're fascinated by the motifs of this decade and the way these designs are re-emerging in the teenies and 20s.We're always expanding our selection and looking to develop original designs inspired by the era, so if you have an idea you're bursting to share get in touch by email.